Tiago Rinaldi

Developing for Web since 2012

Why does your site looks like this?

First and foremost it is directly derived from "This is a notherfucking site". The point here is not to show every skill available that I have to offer but rather create a practical website for every browser, no matter the engine and/or version.

As the original site mentions: "it just works".

  • It's responsive, lightweight and will not track you (look it up, I guarantee)
  • Plus, a website with a well-structured, semantic HTML will do better with SEO; I'm no expert in this area, but it will sure do better than div after div ad nauseam.

So you're looking for my portfolio/social media, right?

First, a disclaimer:

Not only the CV but the whole social media thing.

Please read it before shotgun your messages without fact-checking before!

Well, here it is:

I'm looking for another type of contact, please?

Sure, that's what the footer is all about

One last thing, am I being tracked?

Nope, there is no JavaScript code in this website.

Nope, it doesn't mean I don't know how to use it. This is just my website.

Yours will be better and it will have JS. :)